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What to do about Negative Reviews of Your Home


When an owner gets a negative review, most think that it is the end of the world. But is it really that world shattering? In this iteration of Rentalz tips we get into how negative reviews actually aren’t as bad as they seem.

1. Bad Reviews create trust.

When a property has good reviews across the board, people actually start to trust the reviews less. Whereas if a property has a mix of good and bad reviews, 70% of guests will believe the reviews, and 30% will suspect fake reviews if they all appear to be good!

2. Guests who go out of their way to read bad reviews convert at a higher rate

According to data provided by Reevoo, guests who go out of their way to read bad reviews convert at a rate of 65%, which is a higher rate than the average guest. Nobody expects your establishment to be perfect for every person. Balance is key.

3. Negative reviews provide real feedback

Most short term rental homeowners aren’t going to perfectly satisfy every guest. Negative reviews provide real feedback in these instances. They let you know what you are doing right or wrong, at least in the guest’s opinion. If a guest has a problem, one should try to fix it as opposed to pretending it does not exist. These reviews help one to make better business decisions.

4. Negative reviews help your Search Engine Optimization

From Google’s point of view it doesn’t matter if your reviews are positive or negative. Any review is a “sign or life” for your business, and it shows your business is generating interest. This causes Google’s algorithm to list you higher in search results.



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