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Frequently Asked Questions


Do HomeSites take a long time to set up?

Setup is easy and quick. HomeSites is directly integrated into your property management software system so each HomeSite is automatically updated with real-time rates and availability. When you change a property listing’s photos or descriptions in your PMS, your HomeSite will instantly reflect the changes.  Your HomeSites are also online bookable, connecting to your main company website’s checkout page.


Can guests book direct from my HomeSite?

With our integration with Streamline, guests can online book directly into your system where YOU are the merchant of record right on your homesite.

What Vacation Rental Management Software works with HomeSites?

Currently, our integration works with Streamline VRS, but we are working to add new integrations shortly!

Who owns our HomeSites URLs?

YOU own the URLs for your properties! We can purchase and host domains for you for a yearly fee, and you can have us transfer them to your own hosting at any time. Alternatively, you can purchase and host your own domains for free.

Are there different template options?

We currently have two different layout options with more looking to be added soon. We offer color customization for a unified look and feel.