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How to secure your home without inconveniencing your guests

Nowadays, a security system is great for your piece of mind. But it may cause your guests, who are unaccustomed to it, some grief to say the least. Here are some products that we recommend you use to keep your home safe and your guests unbothered.

Ring Doorbell

HomeSites doesn’t recommend the use of indoor cameras. These can tend to make guests uncomfortable, and while they are great for securing your home, they can be abused. That’s why we instead recommend exterior cameras. With ring, you can monitor how many guests are entering your property. Just last week, a homeowner in Houston was able to prevent their home from being rented by a guest with malicious intent. The guest intended to throw an enormous underage party without the owner’s consent. Luckily it was stopped before it started. A ring doorbell can help with a situation like this!

Other exterior cameras

In the beginning of February, a homeowner returned to their rental property and noticed a distinct smell: Marijuana. This home had a strict no smoking policy, and the owner was looking for a way to recoup any losses from cleaning the smell. The homeowners did not have any interior cameras, as to not disturb their guests, but they did have a system monitoring their back patio. By checking the footage, they were able to easily discern that their guests had violated their policy.



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