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Our prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden setup fees or pricey add-ons. We will build, host, and support your home's website for our low, flat, monthly rate. We will set you up for email marketing and social media marketing. If you can receive mail at your property, we'll even set you up as a Google Business! It's as simple as that!
Your own fully-built marketing suite for
  • $0 setup fee
  • full-service support
  • cancel anytime 


I already have my home listed on Vrbo and AirBnB - why do I need my own website?
If you send your listing on a 3rd-party to a potential guest, they can easily get distracted by similar homes and navigate away from your page when they see something that catches their eye. They may only think to communicate with you through the 3rd-party system which limits what information you can share about your property. With your own website, you keep the guest focused on your property and in direct communication with YOU.

How can I use this website to get more bookings?
By having your own dedicated website for your home, you can control the messaging exactly the way you want.  If you've been renting your home for a while, you likely have a list of all of the emails of both everyone who has ever booked with you in the past, as well as the email addresses of everyone who has INQUIRED about your home.  Sending a short email to each of these contacts inviting these guests to stay in your home, with a link to your website is a great way of getting repeat business! 

What about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media?
If you or a member of your family are at all active on social media you can easily create posts with links to your new website that features your home.  You can actively let your network of contacts know that you have a vacation home for rent - and asking your contacts to "spread the word".
I really don't want to spend time learning how to build my own website - how easy is this?
If you can use a mouse, you can do this! Simply fill out our quick, 5-minute questionnaire about your house, send us your 3rd-party listings or your pictures, and we'll do the rest.
How do guests book my home through HomeSites?
Your new website is designed to generate bookings for your home by getting people to inquire directly with you via phone or email.  \You then book them exactly how you book other inquiries that come directly to you.  If you need a method to collect credit cards, we recommend getting a PayPal account (your guests can pay using any credit card), or through Vacation Rent Payment.  Your HomeSite is a lead and booking generator that works with all of your existing procedures.

Will people find my page if they do a Google search for my area?
Your HomeSite is designed to be a beautiful and effective web brochure for your home. We will give you guidance on how to set up a Google My Business for your home, now that you have the required website, and your home will show up on Google Maps on local searches.  The best way to promote your website is through people who've booked with you in the past, people who've inquired about your home and didn't book, as well as your network of personal and professional contacts.  Using appropriately timed and messaged emails and social media posts is the best way to generate bookings using your HomeSite.
Why is HomeSites better than hiring a web developer to create my own website?
Many second homeowners have invested the several hundreds dollars and dozens of hours to create and maintain their own property website.  If one can find the right web developer who is familiar with the vacation rental industry and has all of the tools to integrate the technology of the industry it makes a lot of sense.  We created HomeSites because we deliver the turn-key solution to homeowners in ONE DAY, for a fraction of the time and money.  Either solution is good - but having your own dedicated website for your property is a game-changer.