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Home Manuals can be a Guest Retention tool


One of the most important things you can do for making sure your rental is always ready to rock is to create a home manual. It is an essential boon not only for your guests, but also for you! Unfortunately, it can be hard to generate a comprehensive welcome packet that is still guest friendly.

A good welcome packet not only makes a guest feel at home with its warm tone, it also jumpstarts their knowledge of local attractions, and vital information such as the location of neighborhood doctors, grocery stores, and emergency services.

Welcome packets are a resource that includes all of the pertinent information about your property and how it runs. This is where you put your Wi-Fi password and network name, as well as commonly viewed TV channels and their channel numbers. It may also contain the location of remotes and directions to use the hot tub.

Include a walk-through checklist for after they have left. A good checklist will have everything that they need to prepare the house for your cleaning crew the next guest, so that nothing is overlooked.

Your packet can also include valuable personal anecdotes, such as where to eat, or your favorite ski runs for certain conditions, or the best beach for kids in the area. This makes your guest’s selections an educated guess as opposed to trial and error. You can set the tone right out of the gate by guiding them to remarkable local restaurants.

Welcome books provide a valuable resource for owners as well. Guests are likely to notice the attention to detail that your welcome packet provides, and will reflect that in any reviews.  You can also prepare them for any quirks your home may have, so they will be prepared instead of unpleasantly surprised or frustrated. If you include a FAQ, it can cut down on questions you receive from your guest in regards to their stay. In regards to this clever amenity, everybody wins!

Creating a welcome packet from scratch can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in! With our years of experience in the vacation rental industry, we’ve seen countless welcome packets from various sources, and we’ve distilled the best parts for your convenience. This packet helps you make your guest’s time at your rental a more personal experience, so that they can experience everything like a local would. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll send you our easy-to-use template. All you need is Microsoft Word, a 3 hole punch, and a 3-ring binder and you can do it yourself, with our help.



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