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Brand Each Individual Short-Term Rental Property and Create Tangible Value for Homeowners 

Brand your homeowners' properties across booking channels and make it easier for visitors to find your homes and book direct. Each rental property that you manage is its own small business, and every small business needs branding, which starts with a website. A memorable name makes a home easier to find when trying to book direct, or to generate repeat business.

A branded website lets you set up each home on Google My Business, so homes are easily searchable in the area and can collect reviews that are trustworthy and easy to find. Including your home name and rental license number makes it easier for homeowners to search for you home and book direct.

Homeowners can share a branded website just for their own home with their social networks, and even set up discounts on a single-property level for friends and family, or whatever they wish. 

Homeowners want a company that's innovative while maintaining a high level of service. Show your homeowners that you're tech-focused while still attentive to their individual needs with a custom website with a professional look, just for them and their second home.

What We Offer

Our branding suite offers you the tools you need to generate more direct bookings and brand each home efficiently. Our services include but are not limited to:

Stop having the prospective guests your homeowners refer navigate away from your home to end up booking another property. Our stand-alone websites keep guests focused where you want them: on a specific rental property. Branding your property by name also helps guests find your home to book direct.

We'll set up tools tailored to each home, making their standalone online presence memorable to guests. Each website has a professional look and feel to appeal to your homeowners and create a visual brand.


We provide the tools to promote each home in your destination on Google My Business. This gives your homes a larger local marketing presence, with each showing up as its own pin on the map.

With their own website URL, each home is eligible to be set up as a business, and we'll show you how. Guests will able to see each property's location and branded home name. You can also solicit reviews from previous guests for each Google My Business listing, which will show up on searches and give each property more credibility.


Let us help you woo your prospective and current homeowners with features that feel bespoke to their home. We can help you create individual coupon codes for their friends or family, discounts that only show up on their HomeSites listing, and more.

HomeSites are built for easy and attractive sharing on social media, so your homeowners can feel proud of their vacation property. They will be impressed that you're doing so much to promote their property as well.

With the intense competition for rentals in this tight market, having a website for your home is a necessity. Since our property manager created a HomeSite for our condo, we have a completely pain-free way to share our home with family and friends.
I have managed vacation property since the 1980s prior to the internet, when you mailed print photographs to prospective renters. Funny how absolutely effective that really was!  Having individual websites is the NEW "old school"!  The personal outreach is so much more effective than a bulletin board with thousands of property owner photos to compete with.
Ben B., Vacation Rental Manager
I wanted a way to show my home to people in my network, but I'm not very tech-savvy. Sharing my VRBO listing on Facebook or e-mail offered too many distractions. With HomeSites, I can keep my visitors focused on a professional site, without the headache of trying to book them myself. They can book direct and my property manager can still handle everything!

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Improve your visibility and local presence with a Google My Business listing. Having an individual website for each home makes it easier to have each home show up on Google Searches organically. When you sign up for HomeSites, we can help you get set up.